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We often tend to demonize technology because it has changed our relationships and our way of life. But I believe that the great advantage of technology is that it is democratic and, if used correctly, it gives everyone the same chance. The accessibility of a product is the characteristic that allows products, services and facilities to be used independently by people with a variety of disabilities.

In the past, people with disabilities were left on the margins of society with almost no life expectancy. Thanks to technology, they can perform actions that for many people are considered ordinary: playing, jumping…

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Global Service Jam is a worldwide 48 hours event where designers and non-designers develop and prototype new services, products or initiatives.

The event takes place simultaneously in 100 cities around the world and the participants are asked to produce a project based upon the theme announced at the beginning of the event.

Participants in this edition were divided into a group of max 6 people with a coach to moderate the journey. These are people from all backgrounds, as knowledge of design was not mandatory but the purpose was to make something innovative and unconventional.

Because of COVID 19…

Anna Agliardi

Ux designer, photographer and art passionate. I am an observer, listener and problem solver, fascinated by human behaviour.

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